Some updates on our private email service.

And here we are. JoMo has come so far, and we’re so excited to move to the next step of improving our private email service.

One of the biggest areas our team has been focusing on at the moment is our payment plan system; which will be available very soon to all customers (this may include a free plan option too…) and shall be easy to use and designed with you in mind.

Our goal is to bring you the perfect plan for your situation, so you will have the option to contact us before signing up as well, in case you have an alternate plan in mind, as we want to accommodate our users to what they need.

Let us not forget about our support center, which will be there for any and all inquiries, whether that be on how we keep our users protected, any inquires on how the JoMo service works, the encryption and privacy of your mailbox, and beyond.

It is time to look forward to the future, and we can’t wait to continue the growth within JoMo Mail with you.

Stay tuned and stay private!

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