SecureSend progress is coming along nicely – a meaningless promo shot for you:


SecureSend is a complimentary product to our existing email services. It offers the use of One-Time-Code sending to help ensure the recipient of the email is the intended person. The typical procedure:

Log into the SecureSend portal

Create mail text and add files into the message

Click send

The system will give you a 5-digit code and send a link to the recipient email address. You give the recipient the code via another means (phone, text etc)

The recipient uses the link and code to download the message and contents

You are notified when this has happened

The neat thing about our solution is that it is built right into the mail system – there’s no secondary app or site to have another set of credentials for, the recipient only receives mail from your mail address and your mail history contains a record of dates sent and received. This works really well for sensitive data and also for large files. As the transfer of data is web-based we can work with much larger file sizes than email.

The data is deleted if:

The recipient doesn’t click on the link in a set timeframe

The recipient sucessfully downloads the data in the link – it’s a one-use link.

At all times data is transmitted to us and stored in an encrypted manner.

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